Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Of Cars and Boys and Lives and Stuff

Today, while we were in the car, Nathan and I got to talking about the driving habits of our fellow college aged drivers. He commented that a lot of them drive like maniacs.

I agreed.

Then, he said "I worry about your life, sometimes." He was saying this in reference to the few times I have gotten in the car with someone only to tell him,as soon as I got home safely, how thankful I was that I hadn't died.

We kept chatting, and we began talking about one shared experience we have had with a bad driver.

Nathan goes, "I worry for your life in that car. In fact, I worry for my life when I am in that car, and that is saying something because I hardly every worry for my life when I am with you."

To which I said, "Why not?"

To which he replied, "Because I just worry about your safety when I am with you; I don't really think about my own."

And then my heart exploded out of my chest because it began beating so fast.

Here is the thing about Nathan: he doesn't say things because he knows you want to hear them. That just isn't how his brain works. He just says the things he really means and the things he is really thinking, and, most of the time, those things are wonderful.

Sometimes you just know that you got a good one, and you maybe don't always deserve him; but, you thank God for him everyday and smile because you feel really lucky.

And now you know about the way my in-the-car-conversation went today.

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