Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Dress Moment

A Dress Moment

+inspiration board made here+

(1, 3, 5)  I am having a love affair with dresses this summer. The swingier, looser, and airier they are the better. Bonus points if they are made out of cotton and don't shrink in the wash. Extra bonus points if they have (A) a ladylike silhouette or (B) a vintage feel.

(2) I am living in simple black sandals, platform wedges, and clogs this summer. They are basically the only three pairs of shoes that have been in rotation since May (sorry running shoes..I know).

(4) Makeup, when it is put on, has become simple and sweat/heat/office proof. A little tinted moisturizer, some bronzer, a cream blush, and a waterproof eyeliner (I swear by this one). Most days I don't even bother.

(6) My affinity for rings has only grown here. I am loving the stacked look, and I like it even better if all the rings don't quite fit together perfectly. Of course, the infinity ring that Nathan gave me never comes off my right ring finger. I find that it is the perfect addition to every outfit.

*Please note that some of the products on this board are really expensive. I just picked looks that I liked, not looks that I would necessarily buy or encourage others to buy. My budget is more Target and less designer.

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