Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Weekend and A Birthday!

Our weekend (well...Sunday 'cuz Saturday was just boring) and, also, a ton of pictures because pictures are my jam:

This weekend was spent being far too busy as well as celebrating Nathan's birthday. He has been talking about going to the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History here for months-practically since we moved last year. As I was thinking about how to celebrate his new year of life, I felt that a little trip to the museum was in order. At the last minute, our friend Carlos asked to come along, so we all set out after Church on Sunday.

We did a fun experiment at the museum that involved extracting wheat germ DNA. I am no scientist, but I felt pretty darn swell when my wheat germ DNA formed into gelatinous little balls suspended in rubbing alcohol. We got to take the colorful tubes home as a souvenir (really though, they were kinda gross and we threw them out. But not before we took a pic. Priorities, priorities.)

The paper airplane station was super rad! Nathan made mine because I have limited (read: zero) airplane making skills. They had a launcher, so that all you had to do was feed your airplane between the spinning wheels and then watch it soar. Any time I have ever made a paper airplane it just fails. It nosedives pathetically to the ground.

I wanted to watch the documentary on the cold war, but the boys were less than interested. *Le sigh*

They had an outdoor area filled with old planes. Nathan knew everything about all of them (and about almost everything in the museum) so it was really more of a learning experience for me and Carlos than for him.  I find that my time spent with Nathan is almost always a learning experience; he is just so smart in ways that I am not; he is all math and science and logic and level headedness (what is level headedness like? This right brained art major will never know).

I think we are a pretty good lookin' trio (and I am not at all biased, so, clearly, you should agree) 

As always, we keep things classy and not at all goofy.

Anyway, the pictures are all unedited and a little soft focus (my camera lens has stopped auto focusing??), but that day was so so good. It was good from the early wake-up for church all the way to the Subway sandwich for dinner. It is a pretty blessed life we lead around here.

I am off to pack for my quick trip this weekend. And also write a research proposal, clean my house, find time to feed myself, finish up some stuff at work, and (maybe, ha) sleep. Check back tomorrow for a fun review that I am doing!

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