Thursday, October 10, 2013

And Sex

"To top it off, we've done a really bad job of teaching about sex in the church. Our approach has been to shame girls for having it, and shame boys for wanting it. And when the smart kids ask, "Why wait?", we shrug our shoulders like hillbillies and say, "because the Bible says." Then we give the girls a purity ring and we give the boys nothing and we cross our fingers and hope they'll cross their legs. So dumb." -Jamie the Very Worst Missionary

That quote is from this article. The article's writer's personal blog can be found here.

If you hang around me for any length of time, you will soon find that I have some very definite opinions about sex and purity and how they relate to the Christian worldview (and how the Christian culture treats sex and purity). Occasionally, I read articles that say things like this and I just want to shout YES!! So.... there is my tidbit for today. You and stuff.

*I am not endorsing the blog that this article was found on nor am I endorsing the writer's personal blog as I have not done extensive reading of either. This quote on this particular article resonated with me but that is all.

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