Thursday, October 24, 2013

Taking Stock

I have seen these in a few different places, but my original blog love- the blog that got me started reading blogs- had one up too. Head on over to The Daybook and read Sydney's version.

Making: a schedule for my days because they only seem to get busier and more stressful.
Cooking: nothing because I have a sink full of dishes I haven't had time to do.
Drinking: WATER! I'm always so thirsty.
Reading: a million literary resources for my research paper due this week.
Wanting: a nap, a visit to my family, more time to just be quiet, a run, kisses from Nathan (always want more of those)
Looking: at the presentation software for the church service on Sunday.
Playing: the waiting game on booking our wedding venue.
Wasting: time reading blogs when school work becomes too tedious.
Sewing: Hah! Nothing. I'll add that to my list of things to do next year after I'm all wifed up and domesticated (total sarcasm there). In all honesty, though, I really wish I could sew.
Wishing: for more time spent building relationships.
Enjoying: the killer Pandora station I found. Alt-J station is where it is at.
Waiting: for youth group to start. Nathan and I are teaching tonight, and Nathan brought his friend Caleb and later we are going to the library to study. Caleb, Nathan, and I have been hanging out a lot lately, and I really love our little group.
Liking: any Facebook post that links to a Buzzfeed article
Wondering: if I am ever going to be done with my paper
Loving: Nathan and the presence that he has been while I have been sick this week (the flu) 
Hoping: for anointed conversations and a sound vote for the new Bishop at Synod this weekend. Being an Anglican is pretty cool
Marveling: at the compassion of humanity. Have you seen this video?
Needing: more hours in the day (is my busy school schedule/lack of time becoming a theme in this post...?)
Smelling: Febreeze
Wearing: This t-shirt-I buy them a few sizes too big and then they are perfect and slouchy and these jeans in a lighter wash (from the outlet-it's the best) because J. Crew can do no wrong.
Following: Some new food blogs.
Noticing: that my nails really need some new polish
Knowing: and trusting that God has a plan for this really difficult-in-so-many-ways semester.
Thinking: that I really want some pancakes and hash browns
Feeling: hungry
Bookmarking: "A Diary of Private Prayer" by John Baillie- SO GOOD
Opening: the jar of nutella
Giggling: over Nathan in his uniform; be still my beating heart!
Feeling: I already answered this one, but I guess I feel a little more composed after finishing this.

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