Thursday, October 31, 2013

Textbooks and Precious Smiles

This is a long post, but read to the end because the best is at the bottom! 

Here is how my search for textbooks normally works:

1. Weeks before the end of the semester start looking for books for next semester. 
2. Have a money related panic attack, whine pathetically, and complain loudly when you see the price of said books. 
3. Creep on Amazon until finding the one battered, pathetic, outdated edition of that one book I need. 
4. Of course, it is being sold by the sketchiest used bookstore known to man. 
5. But it is 1/80th of the price of the book new. 
6. Rinse and repeat for all 1 million (mild exaggeration) of the books needed for classes. 

Even with my crazy textbook buying method, my books end up being at least a couple hundred dollars a semester. Nathan's books are even more expensive (stupid smart people and their engineering degrees), and most of his can't be found used. As we head into matrimony this summer, the combined cost of our textbooks is giving this penny-penching-soon-to-be newlywed a little anxiety. 

You can imagine my joy (and relief) when CampusBookRentals contacted me about checking our their book rental and RentBack (more on that later) programs. Renting books is a great way to cut down on cost, and you can choose your rental period so that you aren't stuck with the book long after you need it. Plus, there is a grace period of 15 days to return your books so that if you can't make it to the post office in the hectic week of finals and packing up to go home for the holidays then you don't have to worry about more charges. 

A few cool things: 
-You can highlight and write in the books
-Free returns within 21 days if you drop your class (guys, Barnes and Noble does not do this-I learned that the hard way) 
-Normally, renting your textbooks is half the price or even cheaper than buying at the campus bookstore. 
-Next day shipping in case you neglect to buy that one book that you need until you are actually halfway through the semester (not that I have ever done that or anything). 

Now, how many times have you tried to sell a book back to the bookstore only to have them tell you that they (a) don't need it or (b) will only give you five or ten dollars. This happened to me last semester. As I handed over my 150 dollar textbook to be bought back, and was told they could give me 15 dollars, I felt the deep despair of being a broke college student. Don't be me, guys. Here is a nifty graph about RentBack (AKA the service that will make you money just for sending your books back to them): 
Click the graph to enlarge. 

Now for the coolest part of the whole thing. CampusBookRentals and RentBack are not only good for your wallet they are also good for the world. Have you heard about Operation Smile? If not, go check out their website here. It will absolutely melt your heart. They have a team of highly skilled medical professionals that provide cleft palate surgeries to children who could not otherwise afford them. These children are living with debilitating and sometimes life threatening facial deformities. Operation smile is committed to providing safe, skilled surgical care to these kids. They literally give the gift of a smile. If you go to the website, you can see images of the recipients of the surgeries and the before and after photos of their precious smiles. Also, a video that will make you happy and convicted: 

Watch the video-it is so rad! 

 CampusBookRentals is partnering with Operation Smile to help provide these surgeries. When you rent textbooks from them you are also helping to give a child a much needed surgery. I love working with and supporting companies that I can really feel good about. Knowing that CampusBookRentals is committed to providing a quality service to college students as well as being socially responsible in an incredibly charitable and humanitarian way makes me feel good about giving them my business. 
If you are interested in learning even more about CampusBookRentals or RentBack then check these out: 

*This was a sponsored post, and I am being compensated by CampusBookRentals. However, all opinions are entirely my own. I do not endorse companies I do not truly love and would recommend to my readers. Thank you for supporting those who help support me and my little blog. 

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