Friday, February 21, 2014

In Which I Compare Christians to Snack Food

In the office, my boss and I eat Munchies. Munchies is a snack mix that has Cheetos, Doritos, Pretzels, and Sun Chips in it. It is delicious. I am eating them right this moment as I am writing this article. I don’t really know when our devotion to Munchies began, but they have become the snack of choice in the office. Nothing else will really do. I credit our love of Munchies to the variety that they offer. Inevitably, you will probably find something that relieves your craving when there are four different types of chips to choose from. They are easy; it is all in one bag, you just have to reach in and find what you are looking for. The chemically powdered cheese coating doesn’t hurt either; we love our artificial flavors around here. What is surprising is that the bag of Munchies that sits in the office snack drawer relates a lot to the church. If, at this point, you think I am going to form a profound analogy about Christianity around a snack mix then you would be right (although, I can’t promise the profound part. I am only 20 years old; I think profundity, like wisdom, probably comes with age).So, bear with me as I tell you how the person next to you in church on Sunday morning could be the pretzel of the Munchies snack mix that is the church.
As believers we are not meant to all be the same. God created each of us with unique gifts, personalities, and life stories. We all get thrown together in the same “bag” that is the title “Christian”, but we represent many different shapes and textures and flavors. Often I think that believers form the idea that they cannot reach into the “bag” that is the church and reach for the “chip” (or person) that they need at that moment. Not everyone has quite the strong feelings toward food as I do, but sometimes I just NEED a pretzel or a sun chip or whatever. In the same way, sometimes we NEED a certain person or a certain kind of person. This past year I really needed mentors and friends; I needed women who I could love and who wanted to love on me; the grandmotherly and motherly types were what my heart needed. You know what; I found them in abundance at my church. My freshman year of college I was searching for young people to relate to and be in fellowship with- my church had those too. God did not create us to live in solitude. We were created for fellowship. We were created to live as a church- a body of believers!
Because there are so many different types of Christians we are able to seek out those who will strengthen our faith and encourage us as each season in our life calls for. Perhaps the youth group is Doritos and the church ladies are pretzels; I was able to pull both out of the bag and satisfy my heart’s craving. It is incredible that God gave us free will and individuality. There is no such thing as a “cookie cutter” Christian! If I were a Munchie, I think I would be a pretzel. The fact that someone else may not be a pretzel doesn’t matter because we are all connected by that cheesy coating (metaphorically-there isn’t anything “cheesy” about the Gospel) that is Grace. We are covered by God’s love and our desire to serve him and love one another.  
Next time you are at a church function or you are spending time with your friends, try to look at them as beautifully unique and talented God-creations who are prepared and willing and uniquely gifted by God to fill the craving for fellowship and connection that your soul is seeking.
Thanks for sticking out this post with me. You guys are the best!

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