Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sunday Outfits: February

You guys, are you so glad that February is over?? I am-I feel like the month went for ever and ever. Lately, now that the weather has been warmer, I have been trying to look a little more put together for church on Sunday. During the winter when it is so cold and gray I have a hard time looking nice-I feel like it is so much work to even get out of bed let alone put on a cute outfit. So, I have been having Nathan snap a pic of whatever I show up to church in. If I know that a picture is coming it seems to motivate me a bit.

Anyway, here are February's Sunday outfits. There are only two, but in March there will be four. Promise.

Flats: Target // Pants: Gap // Top: Levi's // Jacket: handmade 

Flats: Target// Skirt: thrifted // Jacket: thrifted // Shirt: J. Crew 

I have been posting the pics over on Instagram (note the high quality and artful filters..ahem). I may start taking out the big camera and coming up with some actually decent photos. 

Until then, the pictures will hold me accountable for actually putting a little effort in when I stare at my pile of clean laundry neatly organized closet each morning. 


  1. adorable outfits. love these looks!

  2. I love that jacket! I need to use my real camera more often too, but IG is so easy. You asked a question on my blog a while back, but I never could respond because you are a no-reply commentor. You should change that, so that bloggers can email you back ;)


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