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About Me

I am Sydney Eyrich. I am just trying to figure out the ins and outs of life. I am newly engaged, and I can't wait to start married life!

About the Blog

I spend a lot of time on the internet. That being said, I figured that I should have my own little corner in this mass of social networking, news, and celebrity stalking.

The blog started out as a place to just put whatever I was feeling on it. But, being more than a little type A, I decided that it needed a bit more direction. As I was thinking of the direction that I wanted it to have I had to think about who I really am.  I have insatiable Wanderlust and I am eternally Wanderlost. I have moved all over the West, traveled and lived in the East, and been to quite a few out of the country destinations. I have found that the West is home, but I will never lose my passion for the gypsy lifestyle. The past three years have been spent in the North East, and now I am home in the Southwest for college. The list of places I want to live and visit is never ending, and as soon as I settle in one place I itch to start again in another. This blog has become a place to share my journeys, my discoveries, and my musings.

It is a little bit of food blogging, wedding planning, fashion, cultural exploration, college life, travel, and faith.

Mostly it is just life. 

About the Name

I am always hoping that someone will "come see me". There is nothing better than a good chat with an old friend. My initials are SEE, so it only seemed right that the name be "Come S.E.E. Me". See what I did there? Clever, I know :-)

Find Me Around

If you are feeling in more of a mood to look instead of read I can also be found posting all the time at sydneyeyrich.tumblr.com and also on Instagram -I love me some Instagram. I have contemplated jumping into the Twitterverse, but so far have not.

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